But as you continue

Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:14-15
Speaker: Rudy Franz
Song Leader: Gerry Giesbrecht & Tyson Fehr
Worship Leader: Esther Zacharias
Sound and Recording: Jesse Miller

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Psalm 91 Memory Video


This past Sunday was an important day for the Blumenort Mennonite Church. We celebrated the end of cancer treatments for both Nettie Ginter and Tenley Falk. Both of their families had opportunity to share a bit of their journeys with us. We are grateful to God for His presence with both families during these difficult times. Cancer sucks, and the journeys of these two families will continue to be impacted by this reality for years to come.

We thank God that He will continue to be with both Tenley and Nettie as their journeys continue.

On Sunday we heard of the impact faith had in their journeys and the impact their journeys has had on their faith. We thank God that He is constant and that He is faithful. We heard of the incredible support of BMC, family, and friends using their gifts to support each of these families.

May we as a Church continue to follow the nudging of the Holy Spirit as He leads us to be the hands and feet of Jesus to people around us who need to experience the hope and love of Jesus!

Thank you BMC for reflecting Jesus. Keep it up!

Here’s a link to the Audio from Sunday’s service:

Celebration for Nettie and Tenley (End of Cancer Treatments)