Verse of the Week:
But seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness and all these Things shall be yours as well.
Matthew 6: 33

Worship leader: Rudy Franz
Song leader: Esther Zacharias
Pianist: Char Klassen

Welcome & Announcements
Call to Worship
Worship in Song
Offertory – Harley Dyck
Prayer Time
Worship in Song
Scripture Reading: Matthew 5:1-12
Message: “Pharisees, tax collectors and the Pursuit of Happiness” – Gerry Giesbrecht, Youth Pastor
Closing Song

Prayer & Praise
~ At this time of year there are a number of graduations taking place in our local high schools. Those from our midst who are graduating include: Shaelyn Fehr, Morgan Fehr from MCI; Tyson Fehr, from Northlands Parkway Collegiate. There are also others who have completed their studies at post secondary institutions: Justin Rempel from U of W; Robynn Friesen, Kenleigh Friesen, U of M. We as a congregation want to congratulate you on your accomplishments and trust that as God has led you in the past, so to will you be able to trust God’s continued leading on the journey of faith and life.

~ It is good to hear that Tenley Falk has completed her two days of treatment in Winnipeg plus been able to attend a number of additional appointments. We also pray that in the midst of all the upheaval, that you as a family would continue to find yourselves centred in God, that faith would be renewed and revived and that fresh courage for the road ahead would be yours in abundance. Updates can be found at:

~ Travis and Ashley Hildebrand’s daughter Skylar, has not been doing so well in the last while. She has been contracting every infection which seems to come along, is continually battling with thrush. The tumors in her mouth are more numerous. It has been difficult for her to eat. This family values our ongoing prayer support as they and the doctors try to decide on the best treatment options.

~ Those in various care homes that we remember in our prayers include: Susan Janzen, Trudy Harms, Helen Fehr, Helen Janzen, and Jake Rempel.

~We continue to offer our prayer support for Laure and her family, as well as for the Paroisse Missionaire Congregation in Kinshasa, DR Congo; Ryan Thiessen in San Carlos, Mexico; Murray and Carol Honsberger in Papua New Guinea, Eagles Wings Children’s Village in Uganda, Jon & Natalie Neudorf in Chiang Mai, Thailand working with YWAM, Tyler Loewen in Cambodia, Andrea Fehr with YWAM in Hawai’i, and Janessa Klassen working with School of the Kingdom.

Prayer for the Week:
Lord, give us grace to follow your example. Create in us the desire and will to put the needs of others before our own. Take us and all we have, do with us as you will, send us wherever you will, and use us as you will. We surrender ourselves and all we possess absolutely and entirely, unconditionally and forever to your control. Amen.


~ Go to for updates youth events. For the most recent updates, check out the groups on Facebook named “BMC Youth”, and “BMC Jr Youth”or contact Gerry Giesbrecht @ 204-362-7262


Are You Working at Camp this summer?
Know that we as a church are behind you!
If you are planning to work at camp this summer write us a note so we can consider offering you some financial incentive/help in your endeavors.
Please include the following in your letter to us:
~ Why Camp?
~ In what capacity are you hoping to work at camp?
~ How many weeks?
~ What are your goals for yourself at camp?
~ What do you hope to gain from your time at camp?
Drop this into Scott Fehr’s mailbox before July 3, 2016.
We would love to hear from you!!

~ The Education Committee invites you:
DVBS Kick Off BBQ. Monday, July 4, 5:30-6:30 pm.
Please join us, and bring a lawn chair and a dessert to share.

~From the Finance Committee:
Income to June 19, 2016: $ 17,323.55
Expenses to June 19, 2016: $ 211,815.00
Shortfall: -$ 64,491.45

Thank you for your continued giving.

~ If anyone would still like to submit a picture to our church directory there is still time to do so.  The final editing is not yet complete.  We would welcome your addition.  Check with Werner Ens or Ray Peters

~ During the months of July & August, the ministerial is planning to do a series of messages on the Beatitudes. This would coincide with the Sunday school students being asked to memorize this passage from Matthew 5: 1 – 12. We invite the congregation to participate by also memorizing these verses and doing your own study on these most important verses.


~ Drought in Ethiopia – Ethiopia is experiencing its worst drought in 30 years. More than 10 million people – including six million children – need immediate food assistance. MCC is working with partners in drought-prone areas by assisting with food, caring for livestock, and improving water supplies. Support our response today – call (204) 261-6381 or visit

~ Visit the Villages Tractor Trek is scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 9, 2016. This is a fundraising event in support of a number of programs in the Eden Health Care Services family. This year they will be visiting villages from Reinland to Altona, stopping at the Blumenort Mennonite church for lunch. To find out more details regarding registration or to sponsor people already registered, go to

~ Ignite your Passion at CMU Blazers Summer Sports Camps 2016!
· August 15-19: Youth (grades 9-10) volleyball and basketball camps
– August 22-26: Junior (grades 5-8) soccer, Junior & Youth ultimate Frisbee (grades 7-10), and Junior High (grades 6-8) volleyball and basketball camps
For more details go to, phone 204.487.3300, or email

Church Calendar
July 3 – Speaker – Rudy Franz
July 4 – 8 – DVBS @ 6:30 nightly
July 6 – 10 – Mennonite Church Canada Assembly in Saskatoon, SK
July 10 – Speaker – Ryan Thiessen
July 17 – Speaker – Jake Friesen
July 24 – Speaker – Walter Dyck
July 31 – Speaker – Rudy Franz